New Business Tips for Parents With Disabilities

New Business Tips for Parents With Disabilities

New Business Tips for Parents With Disabilities

Written/Submitted by Patrick Young Able USA ( 8/31/2022

Living with disabilities can be challenging, especially with the added responsibility of raising children. Starting a business on top of that might seem impossible, but proper planning and access to resources can make this trifecta of stressors far more manageable. Today, we provide you with all the tips and resources you’ll need to get started.

Planning for Success

A well-developed business plan is essential for any new company. It should include as many details about your business as possible, from what goods and services you intend to provide, how they will reach the customers, what your staff structure looks like, and what funding requirements and profits you predict.

When deciding what type of organization you want to create, consider what abilities you already possess. Many experts believe that certain parenting skills translate well into running a business, such as subordinate management and organization. You may even consider fulfilling the needs of people with similar disabilities that are not accessible in your area.

A solid plan will not only help you figure out which steps to take during your company’s infancy, but potential sources of funding for your organization will want to see it too. Investors are more likely to take a risk on your project if they feel you’re capable of delivering on your vision. Banks will also want to see some evidence of professional savvy and forethought before offering you any kind of substantial loan.

Navigating the Red Tape

Businesses are beholden to different laws than private citizens, so extensive research is necessary before any official operation. Local laws, as well as the type of company you’re starting, will dictate everything from how you file your taxes to how your employees are classified. You may also consider forming a limited liability company. Having an LLC will separate you legally and financially from certain problems your business may encounter. Speak to a legal professional before starting the LLC Georgia registration process.

As someone with disabilities, starting your business is both helped and complicated by a few factors. There are grants from private organizations as well as governing bodies to help new and established entrepreneurs depending on the type and severity of their disabilities. That being said, there are also complications added when searching for a location for your business. Not every place is accessible, nor is every potential landlord tolerant or accommodating, so be sure you’re aware of your rights as well as what services are available to you.

Keep in mind that your company will require different documentation based on a variety of factors. Permits and licenses vary not only by field but also by location. A bar will require a liquor license that a fast food restaurant will not, and a shop that sells firearms in Texas will have different restrictions than one in Vermont. Be sure to research what your venture will need in your area, and consult a professional in the event of any uncertainty.

Getting the Word Out

With the funding acquired, the paperwork signed and the location selected, it’s time to start cultivating a customer base. Classic print advertising in local publications and distributing flyers is great for a company based in one town or city. A company with an online store may consider advertising on the web to reach a larger audience. Be sure to look up market research to see what types of advertising are most effective for an organization like yours.

Starting a business as a parent with disabilities can be challenging, since it means handling three high-stress situations all at once, but it’s far from impossible. Being prepared and accepting help where it’s given is vital to your project’s success.

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